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October 2009 Club News

Whale Watching with John

Story & Pics by Antoinet Glazema

Capn's John and Phil confer What a great afternoon we had with John and Tony on the whale watching catamaran. After lots of phone calls over the weekend because the weather had been so horrible, John decided to take us out on Sunday the 13th of September for an afternoon sail.

Motorcyclists make uneasy sailors...There were about 8 of us and also some tourists. The weather was calm and every now and then we got a little bit of sunshine. We had a great sail and when we came out on the sound we spotted the first whale.
We had to stay 100 meters away and turn the engine off.

The whale decided to have a look what that huge white creature was and came up very close to us. It was an amazing experience, my first time on a whale watching tour and I thought it was absolutely magic.

Close encounters of the whale kind...For a lot of people who grew up here in Albany it might be quite normal to see these massive animals but for us Friesians (I believe Antoinet is saying they come from Friesia in Holland, not that they are cattle - web ed) this was incredible. We are so lucky to live in such an beautiful part of the world.

Many thanks again to John and Forrest for an unforgettable day. And thank you Tony for all the yummy goodies.

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