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October 2009 Club News

Jim's Waterfall Run

Story & Pics by Antoinet Glazema

Cool-looking ridersThe day started wet, cold and grey. We left our meeting spot with about 16 bikes. It started to rain when we were riding towards Menang Drive. Andrew turned around back home to get another bike so his boots didn’t get flooded with water. Ian did back up and followed us to Denmark.

Morning tea pit-stopRonnie and I were on the old Harley so we couldn’t go as fast as all the other bikes. We took Scotsdale Drive and had more rain. We parked all the bikes at a friend of Jim’s and took 4WD cars to Jim’s place. The urn was hot and Jim’s wife, Yvonne, had made lots of yummy cakes and sausage rolls. We had a lovely time there chatting and enjoying all the goodies. Ronnie ate so much he could hardly eat his lunch later on.

Ian had waited for Andrew to arrive and they caught up with us at Jim’s place. Ian wanted to turn the car and trailer but got bogged on the side of the road. Lucky we had lots of helpers close by. Off again in the three 4WD’s and we had a look at the beautiful property of one of Jim’s neighbours.

On location at the waterfallThen we were taken to the secret waterfall, the road was in worse state compared to last year. It was a bit later in the year and there was heaps of water in the waterfall, pretty amazing in the middle of the bush.
We had lunch and a wander around the place and listened to lots of old stories. The rain had stopped and every now and then we had some sunshine.

It was a great ride with great company. Thanks again to Jim and Yvonne for organizing another great event. Also thanks to Ian who drove a four wheel drive to bring us at the waterfall.

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