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October 2009 Club News

Kulin Pub Ride

Lined-up and ready to race
It was certainly windy and cold, but at least it wasn’t a wet ride to Kulin. After riding through the Stirlings and Gnowangerup, mostly at a fair angle because of the strength of the wind, it was time for lunch. There’s a great cafe at the first pub on the left as you’re entering Katanning from Albany. The food is always very good as are the prices.

"King" John, "Edna" Bruce and partnerWe then continued on through Dumbleyung, Dudenin to Kulin, arriving about 4 pm. Brian Trundle (Club member) who lives about 40ks from Kulin was there to meet us. Andy, Harley, Chester and Jim went off to the Backpackers to book in and stay the night as the pub was booked out.

We settled in waiting for the Perth mob to arrive. John was having trouble with a blown head gasket on his Gold Wing and was having to stop and fill the radiator often, so progress was slow and it was after 5 pm before the 3 sidecars arrived. Bruce, Kylie, Huw & Elina had already arrived.

What you need for Albany driversGerald Noble (another local Club member) also turned up for a drink and gave directions to his place for the following morning to have a look at the old machinery, cars, trucks and bikes on his farm. Later after a few drinks we had dinner, prepared by a French chef (believe it or not) and most commented on how nice their meal was.

There was a band from Newdegate howling away - OK they weren’t that bad and our group were split with some in the dining room and some the bar, before long some were heading to bed! But there was a bit of dancing around before midnight.

Norton in ready to roll trim...Next morning saw us assembled and ready to head out to Gerald Noble’s place by 9 am. As the gravel drive to Gerald’s place had been wet with recent rain it was very slippery and one of our bikes went down, albeit gracefully, with no damage, just a bit of extra mud.

Gerald and his wife had made us most welcome with a large for to greet us and in the shed tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits. Their property was very interesting and we had a good look around the place which had everything from ex-military equipment to bikes.

Free advice worth what you pay for it...Gerald was also able to give John some stuff to seal his water leak on the Gold Wing. Apparently it took 150kms but the stuff worked and John didn’t have another leak all the way to Perth! Although there was a little thermostat trouble before taking off.

Our ride back to Albany was uneventful, still windy, but again no rain. We stopped at Ongerup Roadhouse for lunch which now has new owners and is open 7 days a week. They were very friendly and the food was excellent.

It was a great weekend, how can it be anything else with such good company.

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