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August 2009 Club News

Club Trials Day

Pics by John, Andrew & Bob

Dave Ward and Katy the trials dog on courseThe Club Trials day at John and Maureen McKinnon’s was held the morning after the Club Dinner. This is always a great morning and very entertaining.

John and GSA in section called "Splashdown"John had once again laid out an excellent course on his property to test the skills of Club members. John Sinclair tackled the course on his R1200GSA, no mean feat on such a large bike.

Loose Bruce enselfishly entertains the crowdLoose Bruce and John Mc were on R1100 and R1200R’s and Mike Stephenson on his ‘70’s road going 450 Honda. The rest rode a mixture of off-road  and postie bikes. Loose Bruce and Ross hit the deck to the delight of the spectators, of which there were many. Antoinet hit a house - but not many saw that - web ed!

Ross gets the TL125 rearing upAnd some of the riders tried the advanced course a bit ambitiously - considering the nature of the bikes. Bruce was also seen rebounding off a tree at one stage. Clive Oakes rode very well showing off his trials riding skills jumping logs and tackling some of the advanced stages easily.

Lunch was a BYO BBQ with Maureen supplying a salad and John a glass or two of wine. Presentations were made by John, the winners receiving a bottle of specially labelled wine.

First female: Antoinet Glazema, First male: Bob Rees, First postie: Syd Wheelwright, Hairiest ride of the day: (Rocket) Ronnie Jellesma.

Rider Points Lost (Lowest=best)
John Sinclair 28
Bob Rees 0
Steven Braddow 9
Ross Clarke 20
Antoinet Glazema 34
(Rocket) Ronnie Jellesma 26
Greg Farr 11
Andrew Haydock 8
Mike Stevenson 27
(Loose) Bruce Burges 28
(Dumbleyung) Dave Ward & KT the trials dog
Dave Butler 3
Neil Bromilow 15
Syd Wheelwright 5
Clive Oakes 9
Daniel Webb 15

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