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August 2009 Club News

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Maiden Ride

By Gary Carlsen

On Thursday, July 30 Cherie and I decided to take our new camper trailer for a test camp-out to Rest Point Caravan Park (near Walpole, that is).

Minimalist camping with the HarleyWe hooked it up to the Harley and off we went. The trailer towed like a dream and we had it set up within six minutes after arrival. Cherie had prepared some great nibbles and I was ready for a relaxing beer or two.

Within minutes we were surrounded by 10 magpies and watching from various high branches were about seven kookaburras. If you think a kookaburra can’t dive bomb between a fork and a plate 5 inches apart, think again.

Not only did they steal my last bit of expensive cheese and Cherie’s piece of steak from off her fork, but also in the morning one decided he wanted Cherie’s sausages as well (lucky it wasn’t yours Gary - Bob) and waited for the right moment and at the blink of an eye, gone! Bastards!

Apart from that, great camp-out.

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