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August 2009 Club News

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10th Anniversary Club Dinner

A diverse harmony, no doubtThe 10th Anniversary Club Dinner was a great success with over 60 attending. The venue was the Rifle Club Rooms and once again an excellent choice. Many thanks to Gary & Cherie Carlsen for organising the Dinner and the Club Rooms. As well, they put on a couple of very funny comedy skits.

Starvation avoided again...Besides that Gary was also helping out everywhere from the bar to the kitchen to the Karaoke machine - you did a brilliant job mate.

What's Bob doing behind the girls?The meal itself was excellent and the sweets yummy, the Karaoke was a great success with a quite a number of people getting up, I think its the first time I’ve ever sung Abba!

The evening finished off with a bang as the Confederate army fired his cannon - if you don’t know what I’m talking about you had to be there!

A great night, thanks to the helpers, bar staff and Phil and Andy who displayed their bikes.

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