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June 2009 Club News

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Frankland - Kojonup Ride

Story by Chester Powell

Break in KojonupSome 22-odd riders left at 9.30 from our meeting place to our first stop for morning tea at Rocky Gully. (Now Chester you’ve got me worried - in what way were these 22 riders odd? - ha ha - Bob) Different routes were taken for various reasons only known to the riders but the majority went via Narrikup across to the Denmark Barker road onto Muir Hway.

When at Rocky Gully, Daniel said he had just clocked over 200kms already but as crow flies lived only a squirt through the bush. Be good if that Nornalup Road got sealed (dream on).

Bob J gave every one who was “listening” the gen on the next leg to Kojonup , via a left turn at Frankland out to the Kojonup Frankland Road (5kms) which comes out on to the Kojy - Boyup Brook 7kms west of Kojy.

Very pleasant ride through here although one could have been in some foreign country with sightings of camels, ostriches and strange looking sheep. Lunch was mainly in the park near the Kodger place where Don and Margaret from Katanning were there to greet us. They had ridden across on their 650 Burgman.

From here members went in all directions, some east to Broomehill back through the Stirlings, others straight down the Hwy and the rest sticking to the game plan back down the Shamrock Rd, left onto the Frankland Cranbrook Rd, right onto Stockyard Rd with afternoon tea at Lake Nunijup then home.

All up it was a very pleasant day: 26degrees, no wind to speak of, good company and some 415kms travelled.

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