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April 2009 Club News

Walpole weekend through the eyes of a Dutchie

Story: Jacob Jellesma

Cruising the backroads out of WalpoleOn Saturday morning Ronnie, Antoinet and me (Ronnie’s dad) left Torbay to go to Walpole for the camping weekend. We had a coffee stop in Denmark and off we went for the last stretch to Coalmine Beach. The caravan park lays next to a bay in a beautiful part of WA.

Orange and raunchy Laverda 750When we arrived at the camping spot lots of club members welcomed us, later on in the day it got busier and busier. For me it was great because I remembered lots of people from last year when Annie and I were both here.

At the end of the day there were between 40 and 50 people from different parts of WA. For someone like me from Holland it is amazing that people travel that far for a camping trip. If we drive 200 or 300 km in Holland, we’re in another European country!

Chatting hard during the day
During the day you meet lots of people, have a chat, it’s very hard to remember all their names but I enjoyed myself very much. In the evening we sat around the fire listening to a musician ("Lefty" Wright) singing songs and playing his guitar.

It’s great to see that all the club members and visitors are there for each other if someone needs help.
From far-away Holland I wish you all lots of fun riding your bikes and enjoying camping trips like this one.
Maybe I’ll catch up with you at another event of the Albany Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Club.

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