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April 2009 Club News

Do you know where you can and can’t park your bike?

Terrorists setting up road blockWhen we rode to Bunbury for the Indian Harley 2 Day Rally we stopped for lunch in Bridgetown. After a while the local ranger came over as we were eating our lunch at the cafe across the road and informed us that we were not allowed to park our bikes in car parking bays as they were for cars, not motorbikes.

This was even though we’d angle parked them and there were plenty of empty bays either side of the street.
He informed us we should park in the designated motorcycle bays which were at the other end of town (a long walk) or at the back of the shops (where we couldn’t see them). He told us he was sent out to find us after his boss had seen us illegally parked coming back from lunch.

We were apparently stopping cars from parking and going shopping, even though we were spending money and there was no-one else to be seen. Apparently other shires enforce this rule and one of our members was told to move on after parking his bike in a car bay in York Street! Web editor's note: I'm going to enjoy it immensely when 3,000 Ulysses bike riders are in Albany next year, and there are 4 designated bike bays.

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