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April 2009 Club News

Bunbury Indian Harley 2 Day Rally

By Antoinet Glazema

A carpark-full of quality old bikes...What a great weekend it was. Nice weather, great company, good food and very well organized. Ronnie and I left Torbay at 8.00 on Friday morning. It was quite cool but sunny. We had a coffee stop in Denmark and a short while later Andrew, Bob and Don arrived.

We had lots of stops after Denmark, just taking it easy and enjoying the day. The boys tried to climb the Diamond tree but after 4 steps they thought it was high enough. We had our lunch-stop in Bridgetown, a ranger had a look at our bikes and crossed the road to see us. He asked if we knew that we couldn’t park the bikes in that spot. It is just for cars, the bike area is up the road; half a kilometre away from where we were having our lunch!

There was space everywhere to park so we thought it was quite silly to tell us off, but the ranger kept saying they are the rules.

The rest of the trip was beautiful, it got warmer and we were happy to arrive at the camping ground. We found a spot for our tents and headed over to the clubrooms for a cold drink. Wendy arrived from Perth and that night we had a great meal at the Chinese restaurant.

Huw and Elina on white BMWUp early the next morning to check out all the old bikes, have a chat with other clubmembers from Perth and Huw and Elina arrived too. There was coffee and tea and some nice fruitbread for breakkie. We picked up our starter packs and left for the days rally. Great weather and beautiful roads. Back at the camp Huw and Bob decided to fill up with fuel for the next day.

They had left already when Ronnie decided to go and fill up too. When he came to the traffic lights he saw Bob standing on the side of the road, checking out the BMW. Bob didn’t look impressed at all and got even grumpier when he saw the Harley rider arriving.

Waiting for the battery to boil?It turned out that the charging system was faulty. Because of this the battery cooked and the ignition module failed... so a trailer job (sorry Bob, these are Ronnie and Colin’s words). Bob offered the Indian/Harley Club members to help them out at one of the checkpoints the next day. They were very happy with his help.

Camping next to another gleaming white BMThat night we had a great meal thanks to all the ladies who did a wonderful job cooking all those meals for so many people. After the meal we had a quiz night, Ronnie and I didn’t help out much, we knew only 1 answer out of 50 questions.

The next day was great again, sunny, everybody happy and another great ride on the old bikes. A lot of people stayed for lunch but our mob packed up our gear. Don and Bob left to go back home. Huw took Bob’s bike up to Perth on the back of the ute and Bob rode Huw’s BMW back to Albany.

Andrew, Wendy, Ronnie and I decided to stay at Koombana Bay Caravan Park for the Sunday night. We went to the beach and had drinks and nibbles with Wendy’s daughter and family. When they were all out swimming, there was a dolphin swimming very close to them, what beautiful animals.

We had a nice bbq that night and got up early the next day to head back home. We said goodbye to Wendy and had a beautiful ride to Albany.

Footnote from Bob

I'd like to thank Huw for looking after my electrically-challenged BMW and lending me his bike to get back to Albany, and also thank Don and Andrew who slaved in the hot sun for a long time trying to figure out the problem with the bike - Bob.

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