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February 2009 Club News

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Daylight Saving BBQ at Frenchman Bay

Pleasant snacking at Frenchman BaySome people are for it and some against, but Daylight Saving gives you more time to ride during the evening and we took advantage of it just before Christmas with a BBQ at Frenchmans Bay.

The advance party were guarding a spare BBQ at the popular spot, but unfortunately when we went to light it, there was no gas. But Ronnie and Antoinet came to the rescue with the BBQ they brought with them on the back of the old Landcruiser.

Trike-adelic Honda to the forefrontOnce again there was a good mixture of bikes including Dave and Clive’s Gold Wing Trikes dwarfing the other bikes in attendance. Thanks again to Ronnie and Antoinet for supplying the back-up vehicle, trailer and BBQ, and Martin for doing the driving.

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