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February 2009 Club News

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Bremer Bay Ride

There was a large turn-out of around 40 bikes and many pillions for the ride to Bremer Bay Pub for lunch. Loose Bruce was down from Perth and Ronnie lent him his Harley so as he could join in the ride - hoping maybe for a sale! There were also a number of visitors enjoying the day.

Non-mobile DucatiUnfortunately for us Chris’ Ducati played up just before Manypeaks and we were stuck by the side of the road. Or would have been if Ross Williams hadn’t turned back and brought his trailer out to take the sick bike home. It was much appreciated Ross, it would have taken a couple of hours by the time he’d got back to his place, thanks mate. It turned out the problem was the crank sensor. If it's not working there’s no spark.

I believe all bikes (and cars) with computers have them and its not unheard of for them to stop working. The sensor’s made in Germany by the way, not Italy - so look out all you computerised bikers no matter what brand you own!

But from what we hear everyone else had an enjoyable ride and the food was good. Apparently Jo found that one of the essential keys to riding a Harley can be found in the rubbish bin.

The unique Jack STJack Rowe’s latest alteration to his ST Honda, apart from altering the rear end and lowering it (considerably), is putting a hole in the seat where one's balls normally reside to make a more comfortable ride!

The hole also doubles as a stubbie holder.

He has now moved the windscreen, handlebars and all controls back for a more comfortable ride - Jack’s never afraid to be different.

Pictured trying out the new handlebar and screen is Clive Smith with Jack giving him the details on how he can alter his  Honda - although I don’t think that this will happen eh Clive?

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