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October 2008 Club News

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Moto Trials in the South West

Craig Wallace from Denmark has been in contact, informing me (Bob Rees) of plans to revive Trials Riding locally

Puddle riding on the TL125We spoke the other day about some plans to give Moto Trials a bit of a resurgence in the South West. I thought I’d give you a bit of an update so far. If you are able to use any of it for your club newsletter that would be great.

I see trials as a more suitable avenue of motorcycling to become associated with for a few reasons. Firstly it is family-friendly, being in a ‘paddock’ setting with the different sections being close by. Spectators who are quite often friends and family can be up close to the action. Secondly there is no real age barrier so myself as a 45 year old can still compete and I can take my young kids, put them on a 50cc and they can have a go as well.

The skills they will learn at a low speed will be invaluable if they move on to the faster disciplines. Thirdly the sport only has a minimal impact on the environment. There is no need for earthmoving machines to make tracks or fences to keep the public away from fast-moving machines. They are also comparatively quiet. This last point will make it easier to find venues and gain the support of the non-motorcycling sections of the public and local Shires and Councils.

The weekend of the 29th and 30th of November is the first event. Jeremy Lowe and some other members of the AJS Moto Trials Club in Perth are coming down for the weekend. On Saturday the 29th from 9.00am until 11.00am there will be a demo display run by Jeremy and his son Tristian in the carpark of Rexel Electrical Wholesalers. (64 Sanford Rd Albany) There will be some Trials DVD’s running and a ‘Q and A’ session along with the standard ‘Sausage Sizzle Salad and Sauce’.

We have been lucky enough to get the support of Agcrete Concrete of Albany who are positioning some of their soakwells and leachdrains to use as obstacles.

On the Sunday morning from 8.30am until 12.30 there will be a circuit set up on a property in Howe Rd over in Denmark. This will be signposted from the Denmark bridge and will be open to all as a ‘Bring a bike and have a go’ event. It will be run once again under the AJS club banner with the assistance of the Denmark MCC.

Riders who are current members of competitive clubs are able to ride on their licences and those who aren’t current members can be covered by a free ‘Go Moto’ licence that Rick Gill from MCWA has provided to use for the day.

Kerry Halse, the president of the Denmark MCC, with the enthusiastic support of his members has agreed to have a Trials division of their existing Enduro club. They have had a history of involvement in Trials and are keen to see it happening once again.

I am hoping from this weekend to get a group of enthusiastic people together who would like to see a SW series of club level Moto Trials happening for the 2009 season. A series of 10 club events at 5 different private venues is my plan. If we schedule these in conjunction with the Perth season and the AJS and Pathfinders clubs we could get the support of some of their experienced riders.

There is a requirement for juniors to get organised training and Jeremy Lowe has been in contact with the certified trainers about our plans so once again if we get something up and running the support will be there. I have obtained a copy through Jeremy of the step-by-step balance and control training that Trials riders need to practice and will be putting this into action.

In my efforts so far I have repeatedly been told about Trials being popular here years ago and how everone would love to see it on again. This will only happen of course if people come and have a go. I am printing some glossy posters that will start appearing soon promoting this weekend but one thing I am missing is proper Trials bikes! I have a 50cc lined up for my boy but would love to find some old Trials bikes we could use as club bikes. If anybody knows of any old TLR’s TY’s KT250’s or the like in sheds anywhere please contact me:

There are a number of newer second hand bikes available in WA and agents for new bikes can be found on the AJS website found at

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