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August 2008 Club News

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Trials Day July 13

Photos by Andrew Haydock and story by John McKinnon

I had a go at the sections on the R1200R The trials turn-out was a bit sparse - people were attending to storm damage maybe. Since I didn’t shoot any stills, Andrew Haydock has kindly provided these excellent shots. I was on a video kick instead, preparing to go to the Off Centre Rally 2008. When I wasn't marking, I tried honing my dirt skills with some tight turning on my R1200R - it's surprisingly nimble.

Clear the section - it's Rocket Ronnie!But we had good fun, with Rocket Ronnie providing good humour with his antics in particular. He got way out of line in this section but tried to correct the XL175's path by throwing a wheelstand and jumping a log back into the correct spot.

Wendy having a screaming good time...Wendy was so delighted at her first attempt at a trial that she was heard to be screaming as she went through this section.

Peter has an ambitious go at a log with an R90S...... then laughs after a lie down to recover
A special award for Best Crossing of a Log on a BMW went to Peter Moyle on a R90S who attempted to leap a log from the advanced section for fun, and ended up flat on his back in the paddock laughing instead.

The winners with plonk - except Wendy behind cameraResults and barby time: first Advanced was Ross Haydock (standing) on Robson’s Yamaha TY175, Andrew’s nephew. First Standard was Andrew Haydock on a Postie Honda, First Lady was Wendy Walden on the same Postie Honda.

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