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August 2008 Club News

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Kojonup Ride

Distractions on the Shamrock Road
Another beautiful winter’s day - sunny, no wind - what’s going on? There was a good turn-out of over 20 bikes, Italian, German, USA and Japanese for the back road ride to Kojonup and return.

We had some visitors amongst us including Bob & Ruth Poolman who joined the Club later in the day. After outlining a plan of the day’s ride we headed off for the new Mt Barker roundabout taking the by-pass road to Rocky Gully where we stopped for coffee. Either my bikes suspension is working better or the Muir Hwy is improving!

Bill's 1975 CommandoWe then headed towards Frankland, spotting a bloke on a Norton Commando in the small township, but not recognising him, we carried on. Not far along the magnificent Frankland-Kojonup Road there was a large roo (deceased) stretched across the road on a bend - Kevin, being public spirited stopped and pulled the roo off the road, apparently part of the tail or leg was missing - somebody was obviously a bit hungry.

We continued on to Kojonup filling up and then spreading ourselves around the park where we had lunch.

The bloke who was on the Commando arrived - It was club member Bill O’Halloran from Kojonup. His bike is a 1975 850 electric start Norton Commando in original condition and very nice too.

The air filter had come off on his bike, but luckily hit his leg, he stopped and retrieved it, refitting it at the park.

Max was telling us a lady at the roadhouse asked him how old he was, and reckoned he was bloody mad riding bikes at 85, a regular nutter she reckoned! Of course I disagree, well with some of it anyway.

Time to return to Albany, this time turning off down the Shamrock Road (14kms south of Kojonup) bringing us out near Kendenup, I think this is one of the best roads in the area, smooth, nice bends and no traffic.
Except for sheep. Having turned off the Shamrock Road we were riding along and came across a farmer shifting sheep, a good-sized mob too.

With Jim leading the way (after having a chat with the cocky) we slowly crept along the side of the road, the sheep corralling themselves against the fence. This had the effect of bringing us all together to we had a nice group ride to the Albany Highway.

We then split with half going to Gilberts for a coffee before heading home. What a great ride, 380kms of brilliant roads and weather.

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