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June 2008 Club News

Club Tuning Day and Sausage Sizzle Page

Gathering around the shed and barbie...Unlike the Inspection Day the previous Sunday the weather was much improved, although looking likely to rain it held off until the Tuning Day was finished. Andy Burn came around early to help set up the tables, chairs and urn etc - Good thinking mate.

It’s an ideal opportunity to bring your bike around for discussion or help. There were a couple of electrical problems sorted out, twisted forks straightened and other technical questions answered as well.

Jo brought her Yamaha around and the eager crew were keen to help her with the maintenance of her bike as well as giving a few tips. Des was also on hand with his compression tester putting a few minds at rest that their bikes actually had compression!

With extra hands around it was a good opportunity for me to get the ignition timing on my 1924 AJS spot on - thanks fellas. I took it for a spin out to Emu Point, and I don’t think some of the riders following me thought it would go so quick ha ha!

Thanks to Lurline and Marilyn who were doing a great job with the sausage sizzle and Neil for dropping round the urn, coffee, sugar etc. Also Antoinet and Betty for the cakes and Chris for organising and setting up the food. Ronnie also managed to inspect 11 bikes for concessional licence which were unable to make it the week before - cheers Ronnie.

An enjoyable day - same again next year.

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