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June 2008 Club News

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Pootenup Ride

Pics and story Antoinet Glazema

The old school and some naughty boys... Ten bikes went for the ride to the historical school. The weather was beautiful. We took the Albany Highway through Mount Barker and went to Cranbrook. We had a coffee stop there and followed the road towards Tambellup.

Just before Tambellup we turned right into Toolbrunup Road and found the old school hidden amongst the trees. We had lunch there and admired old pictures in the classroom.


... and a classfull of miscreants I had all the club members sitting in the old bench seats for a photo. We took a 20 kilometre gravel road, what was in some parts a bit slippery. We made it back to the bitumen alright and rode through the Stirlings.

We had a stop at Kambellup, where we caught up with Phil who was going up to Lake King, to help his son on the farm. The next stop was the Porongurup tearooms and from there we all went back home. It was a beautiful day's ride.

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