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June 2008 Club News

Annual Club Bike Examination

BSAs and others line up for examination...
Examination Day wasn’t it? But members who brought their bikes out to be checked were welcomed by cheery faces, a hot drink and delicious cakes. At lunchtime there was even more food.

Daniel certainly did well riding in his “clean” Ariel from Bow River. Neil and Ronnie once again did a great job, volunteering their time for the benefit of our members.  Robin, Antoinet and Chris were, as usual, helping in the background. It was all most appreciated.

Young and old are checked by Neil and RonnieWe were down on numbers for various reasons, but thanks to the members who brought their bikes out.
For the members who never made it - hopefully you’ve been in touch with Neil and had your bike inspected - otherwise you will lose your concessional license.

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