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June 2008 Club News

Overnight Trip to Bremer Bay

Pics and story Antoinet Glazema

The split-screen Kombi and the riders at Amelup
It was drizzling in Albany when we pulled up at Amity. Hopefully the weather is better in B.B… Four police bikes escorted us out of Albany (Jim, John, Colin and Wayne) - they were coming for the day's ride.

Garry, Raelene, Jo, David, Aaron, Karen, Andrew, Wendy and Ronnie were on the bikes. Ray and Jude were in the car doing back-up and I was taking the old split-screen Kombi for a good run and was also carrying a drum, firewood and some luggage.

We took Chester Pass Road to Amelup where we stopped for a cuppa and cake. The weather was good by now but the temperature dropped when we went through the Stirlings. We took the beautiful road to Boxwood Hill, what great country out there. Most of us stopped at Boxwood Hill for lunch and at 2.15 pm we left for the last 60 kilometres to Bremer Bay.

We booked our sites at the caravan park and Garry, Raelene, Jo and Russel booked into their rooms at the pub. Ronnie lit the fire and we had some beers, wines, nibbles and great chats. At one stage it started to rain and everybody found shelter somewhere.

There were 6 people in the Kombi and the other mob was hiding under the trees. Wes and Barbara came over for a chat and we were all going to the pub for dinner. We were waiting for Bob and Chris though. It was getting very dark by now and they had left Albany 3 hours before. Raelene thought she heard the BMW sidecar but it turned out to be a red wheelie bin. (I think I feel a bit insulted - Bob)

Finally they arrived, they quickly put their tent up with everybody around watching them and of we went to the pub. Russell could take up to 7 people at the time in his car so that was great taxi service.

The meals were absolutely beautiful and the company great. We all walked back to the caravan park and crashed into our tents. The next day the weather was great, sunny, calm and fresh. We had the billy boiling and bacon & eggs were sizzling in the pan.

After breakfast it was time to pack up and some left to go to the museum and the others left straight back home. On the way back I saw Jack, Andy and Warwick, they came out to meet us. We had a good run back but 1 kilometre from the Woolies petrol station Ronnie ran out of fuel. Lucky I was carrying spare petrol.

A great weekend. Thanks to Ray and Jude for doing back-up.

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