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April 2008 Club News

Ongerup Ride

Flash new Yam at bluff knoll Lovely day for a ride, and about 25 riders and pillions took advantage of it. Most stopped at Kamballup before the climb up through the wiggly bends at Bluff Knoll. The views there are superb. Then onto Ongerup (with some beautiful sweeping bends to enjoy) where lunch was eaten opposite the Roadhouse amongst the trees.

Unfortunately Harley was having trouble starting his bike, but with help especially from Chester, John and Phil it ran, although nobody was certain why, maybe a corroded connection in there somewhere. But Harley was on his way with his son escorting him on the ride. On the way back his toolkit fell out, Jim found it - splattered over the road, passed it on to Chester who caught Harley up at the Kamballup Roadhouse and managed to pass it onto him. Onya Chester, you sure had a busy day!

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