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April 2008 Club News

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Coalmine Beach

Coalmine Beach camping spot panorama
As you can see by the picture above it’s a great camping spot that we have reserved for a long weekend each year at Walpole’s Coalmine Beach. It comes compete with our own shelter, bench table & chairs and BBQ fireplaces. As usual members of the BMW Club joined us for the weekend as well.

Some of our members arrived as early as Thursday and Friday to take advantage of the break, but the main group arrived on Saturday throughout the day. This year Lefty brought his aluminium guitar and mouth-organ which with his vast array of songs was very entertaining - should have brought some CD’s Lefty.

The weather was perfect, although some were under the weather on Sunday when we enjoyed a ride around North Walpole ending up at Bow River. Great weekend, thanks for carting the wood out Antoinet.

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