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April 2008 Club News

Cheynes Beach Ride

Pit stop at the Kalgan Tea RoomsThere were over 30 bikes at the Amity for the ride to Cheynes. Just under half of these were older British, Japanese, European and American bikes. The big ends started to rattle on my BSA, so I had to return to the shed and grabbing another bike. I was able to rejoin the gang at Upper Kalgan where the shorter ride were stopping for smoko after a spin around Marine Drive, Lower King and Hunton Road.

Another group of our riders headed through Kamballup and South Stirlings for a longer ride. I was now on the AJS and keeping Matt company on his Ajay we headed off towards Cheynes. Just after Manypeaks the quicker mob had rejoined us - good timing!

Mob of old 'roos under the trees at CheynesBy the time we arrived at the beach everyone was settling in on the grassy area which is well shaded and right on the beach. The waves were right up to the edge of the grass, no sand. I’d never seen Cheynes Beach like this before in February. It’s a great spot for a picnic and nobody was in a rush to leave.

Lez and Marie Baines went back-up bringing their trailer in from Denmark, much appreciated, and it was to remain unchristened. Great weather and company.

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