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February 2008 Club News

A Winter's Ride to William Bay in January

Dressed for summer riding in DenmarkIt was named an Ice-Cream Ride, but it was more like icicle ride, OK a bit of an exaggeration. But it was certainly a drizzly day, although there were still around 20 bikes on the ride.

John was showing me the excellent job he had done spraying (with cans). His CB750F Honda looked great, shows you what you can do with patience and care.

We took a direct route to Denmark were we stopped by the river, and had a coffee. Mike on his Beeza and Daniel on his Red Hunter joined us there. The ice-cream van wasn’t to be at Williams Bay, being as the weather wasn’t about to bring enough customers to drag the van out.

And Jim decided to join us on his BMW instead. But the ride turned out to be dry, although a bit slippery at the turn-off. The view from the carpark is stunning.

We spoke to Steve and Dawn who were getting fit for their overland ride from Katmandu to London on their Enfield motorcycle - lucky buggers.

We then headed for Bow River where we had lunch at the roadhouse. They even provided table service to the tables by the river, not bad eh.

After chatting and chewing it was time to head off. Chris, Matt and myself shared the AJS and Gold Flash for the ride, and I was very pleased with the bikes after I had been working on them.

Sunnier weather and expressions at William Bay itselfCould put them back in the shed after the 200kms and they were ready for the next one. Thanks to Alex and Matt for doing back-up duties.

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