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February 2008 Club News

Twilight Cruise Around the Harbour

Ronnnie and John working the ropes
A beautiful evening for a cruise, although there was a slight hiccup at the beginning of the evening which meant that departure time was a little later than anticipated. But the assembled throng were in high spirits (and a couple of beers went down well too) before John and crew arrived for the Twilight Sail around the harbour.

The weather improved during the day - the drizzle disappearing and the breeze was not as cold as I thought it would be. Sail hoisted, we headed out for a look at a Russian yacht that was headed for Antarctic waters.

This was after a chat from John about how to cope with sea sickness - although it didn’t appear to be a problem. We then headed out through the channel around Brambles and Fisheries Beach before arriving at the end of Goode Beach. A couple of dolphins were even spotted. It was then a leisurely sail back through the channel to the jetty.

It was a great evening with plenty of nibbles and drinks and light-hearted conversation. How the conversation got around to BMW’s breaking down again I don’t know. This is a taboo topic in front of Harley-riding Ronnie.
Thanks again John for a great cruise and evening.

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