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December 2007 Club News

Ronnie & Antoinet's BBQ

The weekend wasn’t too flash with snow on the Stirlings even, but Sunday morning 11 bikes were at the Amity, all riders dressed in wet weather gear, although it didn’t rain the extra clothing kept out the cold.
There was a mixture of old and newer bikes, but the older bike riders had the advantage of keeping warm by kicking their bikes over to start them (some were getting warmer than others!)

We set off up Millbrook Road where we encountered the only (light) shower of the day. Narrikup was the first stop and a welcome cup of coffee. Then down Spencer and Denbarker Road. Garry was in front of me on his trusty Ariel when I noticed his number plate was a little loose - I’ll tell him at Youngs Siding, thought I.

Young's Siding pitstop
Then he overtook Andrew (250 BMW) and disappeared into the distance. When we caught up again, no number plate, didn’t see it on the road so it must have flown off into the bush, I thought the back end of the bike looked much better without the modern plate which is that wide these days you catch your leg on it when you’re walking past!

Bob and Colin were first to arrive at Youngs Siding. The white bikes, especially Bob’s ex-police BMW (he also wears a white helmet) gave a group of unlicensed off-road riders a scare when they pulled in.
The off-roaders didn’t know whether to keep going, stop or spend time in jail!

Ronnie and Antoinet's shedRonnie then escorted us to his place, waiting on the corner of his road to make sure nobody missed the turn.
The five acres they own have a lovely house and an even better new shed, which is bigger than the house - yes I’m green.

They’d set up BBQ’s, table and chairs in his old shed and had a fire going outside. Antoinet had slaved over a hot stove making some beautiful cakes - lovely. There were also a few more members and wives who had ridden/driven straight there. We spent a great couple of hours when Ronnie topped it off by bring out his home brew, from stout to lager, nice drop too.

Great day, thanks Ronnie and Antoinet for your hospitality and Chris and Raelene who went back-up.

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