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December 2007 Club News

The Pemberton Ride

WHAT a great way to spend a nice warm, sunny spring day - a 430km ride to Pemberton!

Pitstop at downtown WalpoleWe left at 9 am, spent plenty of time in Walpole and Northcliffe before arriving at Pemberton for lunch in the park at the top of the hill.

There were a few faces I hadn’t seen for a while, and Aaron and Karen were admired for doing the ride on CBF250 Honda’s. Doesn’t that put you to shame?

It’s funny how time and again you’ve got the fast boys (and girls) arriving at the stop or destination, yet within a short time others arrive doing speeds much lower (and having spent less on fuel, and enjoying themselves just as much).

Frank and Helen had plenty of wires coming out of their helmets at the beginning of the ride (new intercom), but by Walpole they were wire-less!

Lunch in the shade in the main street of PembertonComing back we rode past the Pemberton Pub to the T-junction of the South-West Highway turning right for Walpole, Denmark and Albany.

A couple riding a BMW from South Australia joined us briefly for lunch before we departed.

Now I won’t go into details but Jack Rowe had a bit of trouble with firstly his BMW trike and then the Honda trike, leaving Walpole in a cloud of dust. Want the full story, ask Warwick, his telling of it at the November Club meeting was hilarious - not sure if Jack thinks its quite as funny though!

Got home around 5 pm, great ride thanks to all the riders on a diverse range of bikes who came on it.

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