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December 2007 Club News

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Cosy Corner/Bethel Ride

Bit of an average looking day, cloudy and misty. Wonder how many are going to jump out of bed early for the 8 am Sunday start?

Well, there were 26 bikes at the Amity (incidentally 14 of those were eligible for concessional license) and a lot of people, even more at Cosy Corner where a contingent from Denmark were there to great us, as well as a few more Albany family members.

The BBQ - ahhhhhhhhhh the BBQ, will there ever be 2 BBQ’s working - maybe one day? Ray took Ronnie to his place where Ronnie picked up one of his BBQ’s to alleviate the congestion, thanks fellas.

Lined up at BethelBut it was a very pleasant time at Cosy before we left for a ride to Muttonbird before arriving at Bethel.
Hugo had informed the management that we were coming to say hello and there were several rows of residents waiting to great us, a fair amount in wheelchairs and a lot of them decked out with special party hats, some made especially for the occasion.

Their Activity Officer (I think) was very energetic, organising photos of us, the bikes and residents. The morning tea lady was absent, but cordial & nibbles were hastily arranged.

A nice touch was one of the elderly residents wanted to especially thank us on behalf of the others saying how much they appreciated us giving up our time to be there. How it was something different for them and they looked forward to it and enjoyed it. Nice eh?

Thanks to Ray and Judy who went back-up, and apart from the BBQ they were load free.

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