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October 2007 Club News

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Narrikup via the Porongurups

Early September and a cold but dry morning, ideal riding conditions which saw around 23 bikes on the ride. As usual with our shorter rides there was a good variety of bikes, from old to new Royal Enfield's, BSA's, AJS, Indian, old BMW, 70's Harley, BMW, Kawasaki as well as early 80's Honda's, Yamaha and Suzuki.50 years of Royal Enfields

They were joined by more modern BMW's, Triumph, Harley, Ducati as well as Jap bikes including a couple of Gold Wings. You can't get much more variety than that ‑ great isn't it? When I arrived at the Porongurups Store there was the unusual sight of Lez Baines pumping up the tyre of Seamus' 1980 GSX 1100 Suzuki, he was doing this by using the compressor out of the pannier of his Gold Wing! (I was a bit slow getting a picture there). After a long coffee break interrupted by Jack Rowe revving the motor on his ST we took off for Narrikup. I was having a bit of trouble starting Chris' 1951 BMW and decided to give it a push.

Ronnie ("Harley man") Jellesma took great delight in pushing. It's the second time he's push-started a BMW and he doesn't let up ‑ my turn will come! Barry also gave us a push but he used a bit more decorum.

The ride took us through Mt Barker along the Muir Hwy to the Denmark turn‑off and then left after 1 kms up Spencer Road to Narrikup. A beautiful run. AJS purring along. Narrikup is always a good stop, nice setting and shop if you need it. After lunch and a lot of talking people started drifting home.

There were only five of us old bike riders left: Andy on his BSA A10 650; Ronnie & Antoinet, 1976 Harley; Don, Indian Chief; Chris, 1951 BMW 500; Bob, 1951 AJS 500 and Barry Robson who was back‑up. We decided to stick to the original plan and return to Albany via Yellanup Road, this took us just south of the Porongurups, the roads pretty straight but the view is brilliant.

Then back down Chester Pass Road and home. Unfortunately on the Chester Pass turn‑off Don's Indian lost its spark as the rotor button had come loose, the back‑up trailer came in handy once again. Thanks Barry ‑ did a great job. Apart from that incident it was a great ride with equally great company.

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