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October 2007 Club News

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AGM and The Ride Of The Broken Bikes

The ride out to the AGM was very eventful, at least it was for me! After leaving the Amity and riding about 200 metres I noticed the right side of my 1962 BMW sidecar outfit engine was moving in and out in time with the piston, a worrying sign!

I pulled over and one of the four studs that hold the base of the barrel on had sheared off (with the nut as well). Must be metal fatigue, but I'd never heard of it happening before. (I have - web ed)

Anyway it was onto the trailer with the help of the back-up vehicle's Marilyn and Betty. Phil and Lurl were also behind me in their sidecar, as were Don and Margaret in their car. Ray Closel happened to be driving past in the RAC car and so we had enough bodies to push the outfit on. It's the first time its been on the trailer and I was amazed to see that all the wheels fitted into the trailer well, only just though! Back to my place to unload it which was a bit easier than pushing it on.

I then grabbed our 1956 BSA A10 Gold Flash. I'd just done a complete engine rebuild and had taken it on one ride previously. Second kick and away we go, sitting on 50- 55mph and its cruising away beautifully, I was very pleased until... about 10kms before we meet up with the rest of the crew at Youngs Siding there's a bang, bang, bang, pull over by the side of the road.

Phil pulls up behind me, I walked over and lay down on his fairing. "Out of petrol?" he asks, "No, worse", says I, "It's blown a head gasket." Of course there's smiles all round, or was that laughter, sympathetic though - I think! I think I should have stayed in bed. Once more onto the trailer, careful not to slip on the oil left behind from the sidecar. (More often cylinder base flanges come off A10's: be warned - web ed)

Youngs Siding crew

Back in the back-up vehicle up vehicle and onto Youngs Siding where the sight of the BSA caused a bit of a stir. Yes, and I know it stands for Bloody Stopped Again. As you can see from the picture there was a good number of bikes at Young's Siding and although a few went for a ride to Anvil Beach, most seemed happy to chat and drink coffee. I then jumped on our other sidecar, Chris sat on the back and grandkids in the chair.

An uneventful trip to Woodbury Boston followed. Forrest was there to greet us, John was out on the catamaran whale watching. It's got to be the best venue for a meeting, the view is spectacular and Forrest had excelled herself once more supplying hot drinks and cakes. The meeting was held after lunch. The only new face was Ronnie Jellesma, Secretary; and Ian Grant has taken on the role of Assistant Secretary, all the other office bearers remained the same. The Presidents Report which was read out at the meeting. After thanking Forrest again for her and John's efforts it was time to head for home.

There were a few good sized pools of water in one part of the drive and I had to go through them 4 times, for the grandkids, of course, not for me. We managed to get the water over the top of the sidecar too! ha ha. And then thankfully an uneventful trip home, before I surveyed the damage in my shed, there's also an AJS with no compression to work on too! Thanks to everyone who turned up for the AGM and also Marilyn and Betty who did the invaluable back-up duties.

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