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August 2007 Club News

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The Mallee Fowl (attempted) Ride & The End of the Fowl Saga

By Garry Blake

Who'd contemplate riding a bike in this weather? A phone call from Bob Rees telling me that many people had phoned to say they would not be going on the run and I thought: its not that bad and it will be dry when we leave Albany.

So I jump on the Triumph and head down Bathurst St and cannot see where I am going because the rain is so heavy but continue on to the designated meeting spot. Ten minutes pass by and no one turns up!

09.35 Bob Jackson arrives on his BMW with Richard Foster riding a 750 Honda. We have a bit of a yak then Ray & Judy arrive in their car! Next minute Jack Rowe arrives in his car, then Bob Rees arrives in his car!
What is going on? Is this a bike club or what?

Then Andrew Haydock arrives in his VW Combi, and soon behind him is Max Taylor in his car. We all stand around and have a laugh at the number of cars versus the bikes and decide to call off the ride to
Ongerup. Richard phones his mate in Borden for a weather report (fine and sunny 11.1 degrees) but the general consensus was to take a raincheck on Ongerup and opt to go to Narrikup for a coffee, and as we are about to leave Frank and Helen arrive on the new Honda.

Four bikes went to Narrikup where the sun was shining and we had a pleasant break before heading back to the wet. The Mallee Fowl run is still on at a new date to be advised!

The End of the Fowl Saga
by Phil Penny

A group of riders gathered in the lee of the Amity Tavern to journey to Ongerup to validate the stories that malleefowl do indeed exist. Where were you Warwick? Arrived at Amelup for some hot liquid refreshment, the riders all grouped under the lean-to at the front of the servo due to near gale force wind and rain . . .

Nearly all showing signs of pre-traumatic weather stress and needed counselling i.e. threatening to continue on. (see pic front cover) happily the weather cleared as we were blown into Ongerup and the relative shelter of the trees. We were most impressed with the first class facility housing the information and history of the malleefowl and local area, together with a cosy and well priced café where we enjoyed a welcome lunch. Outside was a very large fowl run and yes, a pair of malleefowl!

Well, unusual for a male, the cock bird was out strutting his stuff but, his partner must have felt a little shy and lay low . . . she was very young . . . about this time one of our group suggested to our very charming hostess, with his tongue firmly in place that the café may be able to include native fowl on the menu in the near future!

Well . . . time to gear up and leave, happily in the dry, but with a much stronger wind until around Borden when light rain began increasing in volume . . . Lurl and I were the tail-enders and near the Porongurups we hit a waterfall of rain and near zero visibility - down to 30k speed. Arriving home Lurl reckoned being in the chair was like sitting in a cold-water bath . . .

Congratulations to all who braved the elements, especially our three lady passengers, with an extra clap for Helen Cook who we think was on her second ride on Frank’s new bike, both in the wet . . .

11 riders ventured out on this Fowl Sunday Run, two of whom decided on a short cut and returned early obviously more in tune with nature than we others. Clever ploy . . .

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