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June 2007 Club News

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Tuning Day

... what big bazookas you have!Once again we struck good weather for the Tuning Day, only just though, as a windy cold front came through in the afternoon, even blew the top off the urn!

There were plenty of helpers and advisers on hand and work was done on several bikes. Ron did a bit of work on his BSA including putting new petrol pipes on. Andy did the points and carbie adjustment on his BSA. Richard Turpin was bringing a troublesome BMW over but Warwick Jones sorted out the problem before the bike arrived at the shed - carbie diaphragms.

... I thought the main oil line went here?
But the main source of thought, concern, advice, bewilderment and blank looks was Matt’s 350 AJS. It refused to pump oil into the rocker box, although pumping plenty to the big end and returning to the oil tank. Everything you could think of was tried with the solutions getting more complicated as the day progressed.

There was a spare crankcase with flywheels etc in the shed - this was taken apart and studied, but no luck. Later in the afternoon Ronnie put his hand under the crankcase breather pipe, funny no air coming out. Yep, that was the cause, a blocked breather pipe, creating too much pressure in the crankcase, working up through the pushrod tubes and pushing the oil flow backwards.

Well done Ronnie. Betty and Marilyn did a great job cooking the sausage sizzle and there was also cake, biscuits, tea and coffee on hand. A most enjoyable day with plenty of socialising as well.

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