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June 2007 Club News

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Trials Day

Barry gets stuck into one of the log-leapsJohn McKinnon had mapped out extra sections to this year’s Trial Day. He does a great job in marking out the two courses for Standard and Advanced riders.

Each section had something different to offer to test your skills. Bikes varied from full-on trial bikes to off-road, Don’s postie bike and our BSA C10L. Neil who was unable to ride generously brought 2 bikes for others to use, so even if you didn’t have a bike, if you wanted to, you could ride.

Dog to Dave: "Do you think this is a good idea?"Weaving through trees, deep ditches, over logs, up and down a steep hill, skirting (hopefully) water traps, it was all great fun. Dave Ward did the course with KT (his dog) riding pillion!

At the end of the Trials there was a BBQ lunch on their verandah as well as the urn boiling the water for tea or coffee. John, when announcing the winners, generously presented them with bottles of wine. Winners were Steven Robson youngest rider and lost only 1 point. Ian Alexander who only lost 11 points, Barry Robson who lost 19 points in the Advanced section and Dave Ward and KT, best rider and dog combo.

It was a great day and many thanks to John and Maureen for putting it on.Trials legends one and all...

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