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June 2007 Club News

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Shannon River

The Shannon River Ride held in May runs through one of the best roads in the South West and although the weather didn’t look too good we still had reasonable numbers turning up. First stop was Bow River Store where we picked up Daniel on his Guzzi and enjoyed morning tea.Bow Bridge stop on the Shannon ride

Then onto Walpole and Shannon River. This is one of the best times of the year to go when the road is relatively clear — make sure its out of school holidays and a bit cooler so as not to get tangled up with too many caravans.

The BBQ area is one of the best around, even had all burners working. The smell of burning sausages attracted Nigel and Willy from Margaret River, shortly followed by Bob and Mary from Boyup Brook - it was great to catch up with them all.

It was interesting to see that Shannon River is about 181kms from Albany, 121kms from Margaret River and closer still from Boyup Brook, so an excellent ride to meet up with some of our outlying members.

After saying our goodbye’s we headed back to Albany stopping in Denmark for a coffee on the way home. Great ride and company.

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