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April 2007 Club News

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Perth Members Ride

by Huw Jones

Between 9.00 and 9.30 a total of 13 people, 7 solos and 3 sidecars turned up at my place in Parkerville - for those who don't know that is a hills suburb of Perth - introductions were taking place with tea and coffee on offer. The majority of people had met before through various clubs etc.
Gettin' to know you....

It was good to see such a good turnout in our first Perth district get-together. We all sat around chatting for the best part of an hour, meanwhile Doug Firth was busy with a few onlookers making minor adjustments to his leading link on the BMW sidecar, hopefully improving the steering.
Nice white R60 (I know it's not a chair but it has a leading link)

Then a suggestion of a short ride was made up to Toodyay for lunch. We all left Parkerville and headed up the road with me leading the way. Just as I was approaching the T-junction of Toodyay Rd at 10:30am, luckily slowing down to a speed of about 50 kph, I had one hell of a surprise which turned out to be a crazy kangaroo crossing my path about 3 metres in front of me, then deciding to turn around back over the road, giving Norm Stephenson a wake-up call!
Is that a Suzuki waterbottle I see?

After that excitement we headed up Toodyay Rd and all met at a cafe in Toodyay, some ordered lunch while others had cake and coffee. It was quite a warmish day and relief was had sitting under a misty fan of all things, I had never seen these before but it was effective. After an hour or so we headed home various ways. I along with a few others returned to Perth via Northam and arrived home about 1:30. A good day was had by all I think. Cheers safe riding Huw.

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