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April 2007 Club News

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The Long Ride to Narrikup

With just over 20 bikes assembled on a perfect March morning we headed off for Narrikup via Manypeaks and the South Stirlings. We reassembled at South Stirlings where we realised Daniel's Moto Guzzi wasn't there.Has anyone seen Daniel and Mary? - South Stirlings

Somebody on a gold Honda had stopped with them apparently before they left Albany. So after a bit of discussion we figured they were more than likely to be OK and carried onto Kamballup Store.

There some of the local Hog Club were returning from Pingrup Races, and apparently had a great time. Mmmmm, not a bad idea! It was then down the Woogenellup Road and then Narrikup for lunch. We were starting to see a few locusts around again - they're hard to kill off this year.Kamballup Store with the Stirlings in the distance

Narrikup had a market day in the morning (if that makes sense), but unfortunately we were too late as they were just finishing packing up - there's a pity eh ladies? After lunch most decided to head home. The Denmark crew had company as some riders decided to continue to Denmark and then back to Albany.Narrikup - chatting hard

Unfortunately, I had too much going on in the shed and volunteered to go home and get stuck into bikes that needed attention. Ronnie took a lot of persuasion but he and Antoinet ventured along an undiscovered road to Denmark and hopefully a good ride home, although I think they would have come across more locusts.

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