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February 2007 Club News

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Two Peoples Bay Ride

And what a beautiful morning it was for the Breakfast at Two Peoples Bay Ride.
We had a few bikes come and go, but all up over 22 bikes for an 8 am start. There were many makes of bikes with BSA having 4 bikes bearing the rifle emblem. The Sunbeam is now going well with forks that work and the motor with more power. One of the springs in the forks was about 30mm too long which was why the front end was so bouncy, but not any more, and the engine has more power and only 1 oil leak left to fix. Alex rode it and found it easy to kick-start and I think she’s claiming it for her own.

Don't snort - did 37 seconds at the Albany HillclimbWe had the grandkids in the sidecars, me with Zac and Chris with Hannah - Matt was running around on the AJS. Bob (John Mac’s brother-in-law) was down from Perth riding his CX500 and we had a couple of visitors/prospective members from Narrikup riding a Ducati and a GPZ 250 Kwaka. You’ve just got to have variety in life haven’t you - makes it interesting.

2 of Bob and Chris Rees bikesIt’s a great ride to Two People’s Bay, and when the weather is so good, to see Moats Lagoon and then the Bay itself as you’re riding along is stunning. We commandered a couple of BBQ’s and tucked into a good old fry-up, marvellous.

A short while ago Hugo rang me to see if we could organise some bikes to go to the Bethel Lodge one day. Hugo was riding to Tasmania last year and had a stroke as he was heading to Ravensthorpe. He spent time in Perth in hospital before returning to Albany. Unfortunately the stroke has left him with no use or feeling on his left side and is confined to an electric wheelchair. So, after we had breakfast we headed back to Albany regrouping around the corner from Bethel Lodge and arrived en masse at around 11 am.

Did I have one of them?Hugo was thrilled and we created a bit of interest with some of the other residents as well. The Bethel staff had put on tea/coffee and sandwiches etc which was very good of them. Ronnie thought it might be an idea to finish all our rides there for the free food and drink. He even suggested to one of the ladies in charge that the tea room would most probably make a good Clubhouse! I think she recoiled in horror ha ha.

Clive was really good with the residents chatting and looking after them - good on you Clive. All in all a great morning, and it does make you feel how lucky we are to be able to pursue the lifestyle that we have.

Thanks to Garry Blake for going back-up.

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