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February 2007 Club News

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The Locust Ride

Yes, we knew there were locusts about, but around a dozen riders and partners were at the Amity, including three visitors, on a beaut summer day. Frankland Roadhouse said there were only a couple of locusts and I’d heard that they were down as far a Narrikup, although Ronnie said there were some on the Lower Denmark Road.

But as we were riding along Narrikup and Mt Barker regions seemed to be clear of them, maybe the buggers have disappeared! After a coffee break at Cranbrook we rode onto Broomehill, just the other side of Tambellup - whack, whack, then another whack, then I was tucking my knees in behind the fairing trying to stay clear of the dreaded bugs. Then they cleared up.

They nail'em up in BroomehillI overtook Max and Frank just as Max was pointing to Frank’s bike. Everything seemed OK, so I kept going to the Kojonup turn-off at Broomehill. Nobody came for ages, then Frank and the two Johns went past and the rest turned towards Kojonup.

The reason for the delay was Frank had a puncture, somebody had some of that Swish stuff and stuck it in the tube, a bit of air from a bottle and Frank was mobile again. We thought he was going to get the trailer and take it back to Albany, but the Broomehill servo helped fix the puncture and Frank would return to Albany under his own steam.

But the stuff that was sloshed around in the tube to keep the tyre up made the patch leak and so he spent a long time getting to Albany pumping up his tyre at every opportunity. Back to the Broomehill-Kojonup Road - more locusts (great road though)!

Relaxing at FranklandAfter arriving at Koji and filling up the tanks it was time for lunch in the park. It was good to see Philip O’Halloran from Kojonup and Don and Margaret from Katanning at the park as well. Don has recently retired and Philip has been busy working on his BSA A10.

Morris Blake was also there, he was late for the start, but headed through Frankland and then Kojonup, Broomehill etc. The opposite to what we were riding. I think I had it down on the Calendar on page 12 that way, but inside in Future Events I had it the other way - sort of covered both ways really. With lunch over we headed west of Kojonup before heading down to Frankland - another great road.

Frank and the troublesome tyreAfter a short break there it was onto Gilbert’s via Martagallup Road for a cuppa, unfortunately they were full, so it was decided we’d head for Mt Barker instead where coffee, coke and ice-creams were the order of the day. I thought I’d better clean the bikes of dead locusts before the ants get to them in the shed when I got home and I was quite surprised to see the amount that were plastered on the bikes, as well as helmet, jacket and boots etc, it took me about 3 hours to clean it all up.

But it was a great day with brilliant roads and weather despite the grasshoppers trying to put a damper on things.

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