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December 2006 Club News

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Peaceful Bay Ride

Not so peaceful ride to Peaceful

Well not so peaceful for me that is. Got the Sunbeam started no worries, then I kicked over the 500 AJS, rode about 2 kms and the throttle cable snaps in half. So I push it back to our place, leaving messages to say that I’d catch the rest up later.

All I have to do is cut a bit of outer cable and solder another nipple (if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll leave it to your imagination). I thought I’d save time not taking the cable off the bike, moving the bike as close to the bench as possible.

After 30 mins of swearing, it's fixed. Lock everything up, get my gear on and off I go - as far as the beginning of our drive - and the nipple has come off.

I was half expecting it, as the cable had 25 years of grease and oil saturated into it - I’ll take the ‘76 BMW. I finally catch up at the woodturners place in Denmark (Des’s nephew) just before everyone is about to leave - looked an interesting place too.

Dead Ariel

Not far from the turn-off to Peaceful was Daniel with his Ariel Red Hunter seized by the side of the road.
Betty and Marilyn had the ute for back-up and we managed to put the bike in the back.

Daniel didn’t live too far away, so with him riding pillion and a gravelly ride through some pretty country, close to the Kent river we came to Daniel’s house, his wife not seeming to be too surprised his bike was on the back of the ute! We then headed for Peaceful and a bite to eat.

Andy's BSA A10

Chris rode the BMW back and I rode the Sunbeam in company with Andy (BSA A10), Des (DKW) and Clive (350 Triumph) - most enjoyable. Thanks to the girls for going back-up.

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