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December 2006 Club News

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Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Weekend 2006

By Robin Bromilow

Another motorcycle weekend has come and gone, and right at the start I would like to thank the members that helped throughout the weekend. You can’t believe the difference it makes. Saturday morning saw approximately 180 bikes and about 220 riders and their pillions in Stirling Terrace, they started rolling in at about 9 am and so did the public to see them.

The comment was made, that we didn’t need to go to the extra effort of running a “Closed Road Motorcycle Show” every three years, because we were drawing the crowd just by advertising the Poker Run. Food for thought.

There was a choice for riders, they could go on either the short run or the long run. Both finished at Eyre Park, with an excellent afternoon tea donated by Dylans on the Terrace. The barbecue at night was certainly a hit. I have been told that if I didn’t engage the same caterers next year I would be in big trouble. So thanks to Ron, Cathy and Michelle from Catering Classic’s WA.

At the Hillclimb Sunday, once again to the riders and members that came up to help - thankyou. As you can see there was a lot to do in a very short window of time. This year’s Course Marshal has served his probationary time and passed with flying colours. I am sure that he had been well schooled by Bob Sutcliffe prior to the event. But Phil did a  great job before, during and after the event.

With the volunteers and riders briefing out of the way, practice started and very early in the day we had spill, the rider ended up having to go to the hospital, the bike stayed in view till lunchtime and served as a reminder to others to be careful.

We had the demonstration with Mick Ball’s Harley dragster towards the end of the lunch break, just to add a little interest.

During the afternoon we saw some friendly competition between Macca and Neil, they have quite a fan club. It was interesting to hear the comments, especially when those concerned didn’t know that I was one of the wives. We also saw Clive Oakes trying to catch sister Anne in every ride, and not quite making it each time.

The Volunteer Fire Brigade, as the beneficiary, were there in force and helped with the running of the whole weekend. There were a lot of very generous businesses around the area that donated money and prizes for the event. Without this help we couldn’t continue, so remember to cast your eyes over the sponsors list and if you can give them your business throughout the year, please do.

There will be a debriefing for the Hillclimb at the January meeting.

Winners for 2006

Saturday Poker Run

Best Hand: Mario Balatti with 4 Aces
Worst Hand: Maurice Dawes with 9 High

Sunday Hillclimb

Outright Winner: Mick Turner (66)
who was riding a 1972 Honda 550cc nominated time of 43sec lost 0.19sec.
Best Performance by a Female other than the winner was: Lorraine Macdonald (65) riding a 1948 BSA 250cc nominated time of 51sec and only lost 0.46sec.
Best Performance by a male other than the winner: Peter Barker (35) riding a 1968 Bridgestone 175cc nominated time 47sec and lost 0.28sec.
Best Sidecar: Glen Britza and Russell Jeffery (41) on a 1950 Ariel Sidecar nominated time of 48sec and lost 0.47sec.
Best Pre 31: Gary Tenardi (28) on a 1930 Ariel 500cc nominated time of 48sec and lost 0.28 sec.
Saul Fraser Memorial Award - for Encouragement & Safety: Ivy Oakes (5) on a 1963 Honda 125cc.
Best Presented Bike: Graeme Paynter on a 1953 Gilera 500cc.

Photos from Saturday and Sunday by Andy and John McKinnon