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August 2006 Club News

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Great weekend, perfect weather - What a great part of the world we live in! Eight of us took off for Narrogin via Katanning, here we met up with Wes, Peter & Tanya from Bremer on their Ducatis. We arrived at Narrogin about midday. About 2ks east was the motocross track, next to the speedway track where we could camp.

While we were putting up our tents Ron and Patrick arrived from Jarrahdale, and then Huw rode over and put his tent up too. After a bite to eat it was time to have a look at the action.

Garry and Chester spent a couple of hours at the track before heading for home. A bird told me that Chester ran out of fuel and had to knock the residents of Amellup up to replenish his tank (that’s what happens when you tweak the throttle a bit Chester). They both arrived home well after dark, but had a great ride.

Motocross startlineThe motocross track layout, pits area, food and drink were brilliant. The WA VMX Club had obviously done a lot of work. They were rewarded with about 150 riders, all on pre ‘75 Motocross bikes. The first race we watched was a 125cc Championship, among the bikes were Bridgestone, Montesa, Honda Elsinore for example.In the next race were six sidecar outfits including three Wasps, one a Norton. Macca was riding a Yamaha 650.

Next there was the thumping of British singles on the course with quite a few 441 Victors. There were past champions racing including Jeff Smith, and Jimmy Aird as well as many more old racers. There was an event for the over 50s (riders that is) and they were having a ball, although I reckon a few would be a bit sore next day.

Great walking through the pits having a good look at some of the bikes and chatting to a few people. Soon the afternoon’s racing was coming to a close, so after making sure we could get something to eat at the track (the canteen closed at 8 pm) we made our way back to our camp.

We thought it prudent to light a fire and doing the right thing we got an old metal bin, a pile of wood from nearby and had a nice glowing fire to sit around. A few guys (in a camper) went one better and had a large TV mounted on a bin outside, close to another 44 gallon drum with a fire roaring. So we saw the last 10 minutes of the Eagles game. Strange watching the telly under the starlight.

After a good night’s sleep (it was -1 degree!) we were having a leisurely breakfast when the Bremer Bay contingent rolled up - they had stayed at the Duke of York in town. Then another cup of coffee, and before we knew it was 10 am.

On the way home - DumbleyungAndy was riding on to Perth. It was a beautiful day and we were all thinking along the same lines of giving the rest of the motocross a miss and return to Albany the long way. About 10.20 we set off for Harrismith, Dumbleyung (lunch), Nyabing, Borden and the Stirlings. What a great ride, no traffic, perfect weather.

We said goodbye to Wes, Peter and Tanya before the Borden turn-off. A nice leisurely coffee at the Bluff Knoll cafe sitting in the sun was enjoyed before saying our goodbyes and heading for home. (After making sure John made it to the Kamballup store for petrol - he was on reserve - but now knows the range of his bike). Great weekend.

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