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August 2006 Club News

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We jagged the weather yet again - how lucky have we been! There were between 30 and 40 bikes at the Amity carpark with visitors and new members in attendance. We thought we’d test out the “Stop at every corner or T-junction till the following rider sees you and then go” idea for a short though complex Club run.

Ray Mac was leader and I was Tail End Charlie (funny name that). Off we went, I think Ray ended up in the middle somewhere and I had a couple of bikes following me. But riders were stopping at the corners and nobody got lost, and being as that was the general idea we would have to rate the system as a success!

Unfortunately for Barry his RD350 Yamaha decided to retire for the day just before our coffee stop at Bakers Junction, so we pushed it onto the trailer for Matt to take to Barry’s place later. The engine turned over easily with no funny noises, so hopefully for Barry its easy to fix.

It was a nice ride with some commenting how nice Wilyung Road is. We rode in the opposite direction to the way we normally run and its amazing how you get such a different perspective to the views. Chris had arranged with the people at the Forts for us to be admitted as a group, this would cost $25 (paid for by the Club) and then our riders and pillions could enter without paying. (Normally it's $4 each).

Claude and kids in the chair

When we arrived we were given 5 star treatment being ushered to a grassy parking spot right next to the BBQ. What a great venue. There was even a playground for the younger ones amongst us - we had 4 youngsters arrive in sidecars, and I must say how well behaved they all were so I reckon they were enjoying themselves.

After lunch we dispersed with some going for a longer ride to Walpole. Thanks to Chris for organising the ride, Matt for going back-up and Ray for leading the way (sort of, ha ha)

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