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July 2006 Club News

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2nd Annual Trial

Barry on TY175 Yamaha

Barry Robson, winner of the advanced section of the trial on his TY175 Yamaha, was one of a larger number of bikes and riders at the 2nd annual trial. Hopefully, this was an indicator that people enjoyed the event last year and brought back more for this one. Most bought smaller dirt bikes this year, having learned from the experience of Ronnie wrestling his Harley through a section.


Hayden on honda Ag bike

Hayden Pedro, complete with milk crate, showed effortless style on a borrowed Honda ag bike to share the best score for the day and win the young person's award in the standard section.


Ray ducking through tank

Ray Macneall (shown keeping his gnome-like beanie on while ducking through the tank) also shared the excellent result of no points dropped and so won the seniors section of the standard class on his RL250 Suzuki.


Marion in section 1

Guest rider Marion Floyd on a nicely turned-out Bultaco 250 was first lady rider winner, before the rains settled in to end the event a little early.


Full report from Bob Rees:
What a great day that was.The weather forecast the night before the trials at John & Maureen McKinnon’s looked grim and although we had a little rain during the night the morning looked promising with blue skies...

We had a good sized group waiting at the Amity Tavern to be led to John’s place. We ended up with 11 bikes in the Trials but some bikes were used by up to three riders. It was great for owners of these bikes to offer rides to any that wanted to have a go.

John addressed the crowd and then walked us through the first of the six sections. Prior to this Dave had a problem with his new Kawasaki off-road bike attempting a great 180 degree wheelie. It takes some doing and Dave nearly pulled it off, before he was off and part of the back mudguard was off too - very spectacular.

What he was actually doing was practicing jumping over logs with his bike, the lightness of the front end took him by surprise and if it wasn’t for the luggage rack acting as a wheelie bar the 180 degree was a possibility.

The sections had white and red tape markings with standard or expert parts of the sections marked out. There were some interesting bikes taking part with the two very impressive Bultaco trials bike ridden by Rory and Marion, as well as Morris’ beautifully restored TL Honda (he still has a bit more to do to finish it off, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to try it out on the day).

Ray had brought his trials bike on a trailer, as had Ross and Neil. The rest of the bikes were ridden to John's, these ranged from farm to trail bikes.

The six sections were very well thought out and all offered something different - John had certainly put a bit of time organising it. The idea is to ride the section without putting your feet down, or stalling the bike, points are lost if you do - the winner is the one with the least amount of points.

We had a great time, whether you could master the sections or not. There were no other mishaps except for a bike falling on a helmet (sidestand sunk in the ground) and a rotating footrest.

We had competed the full six sections and were doing another round before calling it a day and having lunch. With only two sections to go the second time around it started raining, so it was decided to run for the verandah where the BBQ and urn were.

John was working out who the winners were as we cooked our lunches. The winners were: Best Lady - Marion, Best expert - Barry, Best Standard - Ray, and best young rider - Hayden. Neither Hayden nor Ray put their foot down once or lost a point.

John and Maureen had very generously donated 4 bottles of wine to the winners. But I think we were all winners on the day, thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to the next time.

Thanks again John all your work was very much appreciated and thanks to Garry for lending his bike to me.

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