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June 2006 Club News

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Lake Nunijup Ride

There was a good turn-out of 20 bikes for the ride to Lake Nunijup. What a great day for a ride, the weather was perfect, Clive has found a new interest in old British bikes, he said he’d be taking his BSA A10 even though there was no back-up - so I took mine as well.

The rest of the mob were on the usual assortment of bikes, a good turn-out of R100RT BMW’s, and everything else from Honda CX to Ducati Monster. A nice cruisy ride to Kamballup (where some members of the HOG Club caught up with us) for smoko before taking the Woogenellup Road and the Kendenup turn-off (which I missed).

Lakeside bikesBy the time we arrived at the lake most were sitting on the verandah of the hall eating their lunch. John and Lorna were missing (his son later went on a search and found them) and Mike on his TRX and Steve on his Ducati were also nowhere to be found. They travel at the speed of light so they could have been at the lake, had lunch and were back in Albany ha ha, but they eventually turned up after taking a few wrong turns - they looked like they enjoyed the ride though.

Maybe we should use the stop on a turn-off system when we’re going places that not everybody is familiar with. The ride home was uneventful, although Clive had a bit of trouble starting his hot Beeza at Mt Barker - since then the problem has been found.

My A10 had developed a slight oil leak, which is what its supposed to do as it shows there’s oil in the tank. Good ride, good day, good company.

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