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June 2006 Club News

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Annual Inspection Day

THERE was a good turn-out of bikes and riders at the annual Club Bike Inspection Day courtesy of the Bromilow’s. The number of concessionally licensed bikes in the Club is getting larger every year, so its worth going for a look as it makes for an interesting day out, even if you have a more modern bike.

Most stayed to have a chat and complimentary coffee/tea etc and Robin had made some delicious soup for lunch as well. Neil was helped this year by Ronnie and they seemed to work together well.

Robin, Chris and Antoinette assisted with the paperwork etc and membership could be renewed also.
Thanks to the team mentioned above the day flowed very well and their work is much appreciated.

There will be a more detailed report from Neil later in the year.

Clive explaining the mysteries of his A10!
Clive explaining the mysteries of his A10 to Neil and Ronnie

Ronnie's Harley
Ronnie's Harley looking like it should be towing VW instead of vice-versa

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