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April 2006 Club News

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Shannon River

Mob gathered to take off for Shannon
Mob gathered to take off for Shannon BBQ

As always the ride to Shannon River for a BBQ lunch was very popular with around 30 bikes, riders and passengers in attendance.

The weather looked good and after addressing the mob I was eager to get going. Bow River was the first stop where some of our members were meeting us.

Most then rode onto Shannon River with some riders opting to stay in Walpole for lunch, making the ride for them a little shorter. Nothing like being versatile is there?

Getting those new bikes dirty on the slidy gravel
Getting those new bikes dirty on the slidy gravel

It really is a great ride from Denmark on and with school holidays over there was less traffic on the road. When I arrived at the turn-off I remembered that I meant to say to the riders to be careful of the gravel going in as it is very ball-bearingish (Murray Hall is knowledgeable about ball bearings, even knows the factory - ask him next time you see him).

But nobody fell off although a couple of riders did go a bit sideways at the entrance to the National Park. Excellent place for lunch and then another nice bendy ride back.

Thruxton Triumph
Thruxton Triumph draws admiring looks

I think BMW’s were nearly outnumbered by Triumphs on the ride and when we stopped at Walpole the six Triumphs parked together to emphasise the point. Great run and company to match.

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