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April 2006 Club News

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A good ride to Elleker and Frenchmans Bay

There were over 30 bikes at the Amity Tavern with about half 25 years or older and around 40 people (we won’t say how old they are). It was good to see Mike and Daniel riding in from the Denmark area on their BSA A10 and Ariel Red Hunter - makes it a long ride for them - and their enthusiasm is appreciated.

Small black bike line-up
Small black German bike line-up at the Elleker Store (with one Japanese blow-in)

Anyway it was a meander to Muttonbird Beach, stopping at the look-out before heading onto the Elleker Store for a coffee etc. Conversations which had started at the Tavern carpark, started again at Muttonbird and carried on in Elleker, what a talkative bunch we are - good isn’t it!

Frenchmans Bay parking
Some of the bikes parked at Frenchmans Bay

Then it was more meandering around Robinson Estate before popping out onto Frenchmans Bay Road where we headed for the picnic and beach area.

Keith Offer (visitor) had a bit of trouble with a certain 250 DKW that Des had lent him for the ride and unfortunately it ended up on the trailer. Keith is starting to get a complex as he rode one of my bikes the other day and that broke down too!

Ian’s 1976 RD400 Yamaha was causing a bit of attention as the work Ian had done to put this bike together was not for the faint hearted (read more about it). It being such a beautiful day Frenchmans Bay had a lot of visitors and after we arrived it was just about overflowing.

We ended up being a bit spread out for lunch, but even so it was a most enjoyable
Thanks to Frank Cooke for doing back-up duties - and for once the trailer came in handy.

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