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April 2006 Club News

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A popular weekend at Coalmine Beach

It looked like a good weekend as far as the weather was concerned, ideal for motorcycling and camping. We left with the main group at 11 am on Saturday morning with Bob and Mary Sutcliffe providing a back-up vehicle with their truck and trailer.

After a brief stop at Bow River we made Walpole in the early afternoon. There were already quite a few of our members set up at the campsite and tents were quickly erected by the later arrivals.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon more members from our Club and the BMW Club of WA arrived. And they still kept coming, as the afternoon was drawing to a close there must have been around 50 people and a lot of bikes jammed into our campsite.

Huw's new Trumpy
Huw's new Trumpy

There was certainly no shortage of people to talk to or bikes to discuss. Huw arrived on his brand new Triumph bought at Great Southern Motorcycles and he was very pleased with it - (I think it had 149kms on the clock) although he did get quite a ribbing from the BMW boys (and girls) having had a BMW as his main bike for quite a number of years.

The fire was lit and dinner cooked, you can't beat a night under the stars. Campground police seem to be the scourge of some caravan parks these days, taking pleasure in telling people to keep the noise down, even if there is no noise. We had an unwelcome visit at 10 pm and all we were doing was talking, it did seem a bit over the top, but that’s life I guess.

We finally went to bed around 11.30 and no further visits were recorded. Next morning there was a mass exodus of campers heading for home, unfortunately unable to spend more than one night at the camp.

Huw lent me his bike for a spin and I did around 50kms of Walpole Roads, it was around 8.30 am and the ride was clear of traffic - magic! During the morning some of the stayers drifted into town for a coffee, or for a ride around the North Walpole Road etc. Chris and I just relaxed at the campsite and it was most enjoyable.

During the afternoon a card game started up with mainly the girls playing, the decibels went up at the table (they must have been valuable matchsticks they were playing for) and so did the laughter - not quite the same as the Burswood but more fun I reckon.

Marilyn and Bob singing
Live Smith and Rees concert

Late in the afternoon I dragged my guitar out and plucked away for about 5 hours together with my famous co-singer, Marilyn (the voice) Smith. It was great fun, Marilyn’s voice is quite unique although not fully appreciated by the ears of the remaining campers who seemed to be sitting further and further away!

No noise police that night, must have scared them off, although we did stop playing around 10 pm. It was a great weekend and we’ve re-booked it again for the same weekend next year - see you then.

Thanks to Bob and Mary for doing back-up duties as well as carting the mallee roots for the fire as well as some luggage for the bikers without too much carrying capacity.

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