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February 2006 Club News

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The National Motorcycle Museum

Hundreds of bikes!
Some of the hundreds of bikes on display
- in good, running condition

When Colin Crane was in the Eastern States recently he came across The National Motorcycle Museum in Nabiac (28kms South of Taree on the Pacific Highway). The museum was started by Brian and Margaret Kellerher when the Kellerhers noticed from a bureau of statistics report that many of our old motorcycles were leaving the country, for the USA, Japan and England.

They believed unless something was done then some of Australia's motoring heritage would be lost. As Brian has been collecting motorcycles for over thirty years (he actually had 60 motorcycles when they were married) they decided to start a museum and to offer a home to some of the motorcycles sitting in people's sheds. The museum houses a huge collection of vintage, veteran, and interesting motorcycles. In fact there are over 800 bikes, 500 owned by the Kelleher family and the rest on loan. They are housed in 3 sheds, 2 of which are 172ft x 42ft!

There is an excellent range of machines from the early nineteen hundreds to one or two very interesting later machines, included is a Kenilworth scooter (1919), a twin 2 stroke water cooled Scott, and Vincent Black Knight. So if you are in the region the museum would be worth a visit.

Bike trailer-canoe-camper
OK all you people who like towing trailers,
how about one of these? The top of the trailer comes off
and becomes a canoe, the bottom part you sleep in!

ABW = Australian Battle Wagon
ABW (Australian Battle Wagon). Australian made, the bike
features car carbie, Magna alternator, home-made engine.

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