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February 2006 Club News

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Proposed Guidelines for Future Hillclimbs

Heading up the hill

At a recent Hillclimb committee meeting these proposed guidelines were worked out. Hopefully they should streamline the event, making for an earlier finish, cut out dangerous riding and be a help in obtaining insurance and keeping costs down.

If you have any ideas, comments or proposals etc please either come to a meeting and air them or write them down and send them to the Club's Postal Address or ring Robin 9844 6275.

  1. Warning signs to be put on walking tracks 2 weeks prior to the Hillclimb
  2. Arrange for Hill Transport to be there by 7.20 am
  3. The introduction of 2 or 3 stewards to the running of the event, they will be responsible for the riders and safety behind the pits, on the starting line and line of vision from the start. Also to take part in the filling of blanks in groups throughout the day
  4. The third run for groups to be timed to the 100th of a second to cut out the run-offs
  5. Make sure radio system is adequate for the day, prior to the event.
  6. There will now be three groups of riders as in previous Hillclimbs
  7. No dogs to be allowed on the hill on the day of the Hillclimb
  8. Volunteer's prizes be compounded and given to a member of their Club/Service to be distributed
  9. Cutoff for the Hillclimb will now be for pre-1980 (Jan 1) bikes only. It was felt that the pre-1980 cut-off is necessary to keep the spirit of the Hillclimb going (The 25 year rule still applies to Club concessional licensing and other Club and Inter-Club events).
  10. There will be no dangerous riding behind the line
  11. When leaving the starting line safety of the riders and public is paramount
  12. The success of the event lies with the riders and the actions of the riders
  13. Ambulance to have compatible radios
  14. Starters inform timers introduction run has finished
  15. Starter and stewards to have the option to disqualify any riders on the line behaving dangerously
  16. Course marshal to be informed by timers of runs under 36 seconds as the sheets are picked up. The offending rider is warned he has broken 36 sec and if another fast run is recorded he will be automatically disqualified.

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