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February 2006 Club News

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The Boxing Day Ride or
Colin and his Loose Nut

Colin uses Ronnie's Harley tool kit to fix his bike. This picture
proves one thing, and that is a Harley tool kit doesn't have
a hammer in it. How do we know that? Because Colin is
bashing the screwdriver with a shifting spanner!

It was great to see so many people turn up for this run. Some of our members ventured in from Denmark to start the event at the Amity. Colin Dowsett dared to bring his Honda out twice within two weeks. It usually only sees the light of day once every twelve months for the charity ride.

It was all too much for it. Just riding it from home to the start, Colin stopped the motor to reassure Ronnie Jellesma that it was him, and have a chat with a few others. Then it was time to hit the road, but not a certain Honda. No way, it had done its ride for the year. For those that don't know, Ronnie works as a motor mechanic for Colin and in the past has had to take a lot of lip because he rides a Harley.

But what about this Honda, not a spark to be seen, not even when the engine was turned over? Well with a bit of push and shove and taking this cover off, twitching this and that, lo and behold they found a loose nut. Mind you he had to use a Harley tool kit to fix it.

I bet work was interesting when you went back, Ronnie. Once fixed, Colin was chaperoned from Albany to Denmark with the Harley in front and the back-up behind. He didn't dare stop until he got to Denmark. The run was well supported by members, with the weather made to order.
Thanks to the Bromilows for going back-up

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